April 10, 2017


Monday, April 10, 2017



Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on Monday, April 10, 2017 at Clear Creek Amana High School in the library at Tiffin, IA at 6:58pm.

Club Members Present: Trent DeKoter (President), Adam Henderson (Vice-President), Darci Roehler (Operations Officer), Bill Nash (Treasurer), Golda Monohon (Secretary), Reggie Meade (Alternate), Bob Morlan (Alternate)

Others Present: Steve Corbin (10U White Coach) and Brent Henry (High School Coach)

  1. Housekeeping:

Bill stated that he would like to get back into the habit of inviting coaches to all board meetings again.  By doing so, coaches and the board would be able to address any issues throughout the season.


Coaches need to turn in unused practice times by emailing Tiffin Parks (Jonas Zimmerman) so that the team/club does not get charged for the unused time.  Jonas sent out a Google calendar to the coaches with practice times and games.  Lights should automatically come on at the Tiffin fields.  The lights are programmed according to practice times and games.

  1. Clipper Tournament:

Trent called and talked to Brett Breard regarding umpires at the Hills field.  Brett will hire someone to sit at the check-in table there.  There will be 2 umpires present for every age group except 8U.

Trent also spoke with Tiffany regarding Hills field prep and the concession stand.  She sent the invoice for last year.

State tournament money is not guaranteed to all teams.  Clipper teams will need to help clean fields during the tournament in order to secure this money.  Coaches will be busy coaching and practicing with the teams so the help needs to come from parents.  Reggie expressed the concern and need to have an organized plan for assigning the Clipper teams for field maintenance.  Reggie volunteered to write the letter to the parents/coaches as well as organize the work assignments.

6 teams (8U, 10U White, 10U Blue, 11U, 12U White and 12U Blue) playing at Penn Meadows

2 teams at Tiffin and Hills (13U and 14U)

Umpires will be taking care of the Quail Creek field

Koser field will be used for 10U Gold Bracket

Board members will need to fill in as needed

3 teams to set up Saturday morning at 6:30am

Each team to clean up 2 fields at the end of the second game

3 teams to set up Sunday morning at 6:30am

Each team to clean up 2 fields at the end of the second game

Need 2 teams for clean-up on Sunday afternoon.  Will need to pick up pitching mounds with golf carts and will need to place the chalkers back into the shed.

Lindsay Nash was volunteered by Bill to set up Sign-Up Genius with the field names for parents to sign up for field maintenance.  Darci to send out the email and reminders until all slots are full.

CCABC board needs to check with Brian Motley (City of North Liberty) regarding tractors.

Darci has not heard back yet from the Coralville Hy-Vee.  She will follow-up with them this week.  Latest quote was higher than anticipated.  Concession stand prices may need to be increased.  Last year’s quote from 1st Avenue Hy-Vee seemed cheaper.  Last year the board had to provide Hy-Vee with the tax ID number for non-profit pricing.  Maybe we need to do the same this year in order to get cheaper prices.

U-Haul has been reserved starting Friday, May 5th by Bill.  Concession stand items will be purchased at Costco that Friday.  Golda will help Bill purchase items at Costco that Friday.  Muffins for concession stand to be purchased from Costco.  The muffins that were purchased last year were not good and many were left over after the tournament.

  1. 14U/High School Baseball and Coach Henry:

Coach Henry from CCA High School baseball attended the meeting.  Coach Henry and the CCABC board need to improve communication between the high school and the club.  Members of the board are fairly new.  Trent took responsibly for the decline in communication.

Coach Henry asked if the goal of the baseball club is to serve as a feeder program into the high school baseball program.  The board confirmed that this is the overall goal.  Ultimately would like to see the high school baseball team go to state.  Most players will remember their moments in high school over club ball.  However a successful high school team may depend on the skills and experience acquired during club ball.  Overall the players should still have fun.  This year’s sophomore class (10th grade) are the 1st high school students that started in the CCA Baseball Club.

The club would like to know Coach Henry’s drills so that they can be taught at 8U and carried on throughout club ball and into high school baseball.

The high school does allow the club to use the cages for practice.  If CCABC coaches are interested in coaching clinics, Coach Henry would be open to providing this again.

The club and Coach Henry would like to develop a baseball camp together.  The high school players would instruct the baseball club players.  We would need to develop the format and the time of year.  The following options were discussed:


2 hour camps for 4 days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

During Spring Break

End of Summer (West High School used to provide baseball camps in June/July.)




The board was concerned that there wouldn’t be as many players available to participate at Spring Break or July since so many families go on vacation at these times.  March would be a nice option since it is right before the regular season starts, but the weather is too unreliable and most teams just begin practicing outside in March/April.  At the beginning of May, CCABC hosts the Clipper tournament and CCA high school baseball begins the 1st week of May.  Coach Henry and the board thought the end of April (either of the last two weeks of the month) would be the best time to host a baseball camp.  Coach Henry would have the high school players stop their preseason throwing and hitting to help as instructors for the baseball camp instead.  Ideal hours of operation would be 2 hour days (MTWTh).  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday could be drills and instruction.  Thursday could be game play.  Coach Henry would like to reserve all 4 fields outside at Tiffin City Park as well as reserve the auditorium and gym in case of inclement weather.

Best way to contact Coach Henry: bhenrycca@gmail.com

This year for high school baseball for grades 9-12, the number of returning players is lower (33 players).  Usually there are 40-41 returning players.  If Coach Henry is able to have 7 8th graders play up (14U players), then the high school would have low 40s to fill 3 teams.  The biggest advantage to high school baseball is there are no grade (age) restrictions.

Trent asked Coach Henry if there was any way to schedule high school games later in the day for parents to watch.  Coach Henry stated that it depends on logistics.

Trent also asked if CCABC could get access to the high school field for the Clipper tournament.  The field is fairly open in April.  There are some Sunday leagues scheduled at that time.  The board would need to reserve the field in advance before the summer leagues are planned and the Clipper tournament is always scheduled in May.  This does not help the current 14U field dilemma since the Babe Ruth field at Penn Meadows is no longer available to use for the tournament.

Trent asked Coach Henry if CCA Clipper Club Night at the JV/Varsity high school game could be planned again, similar to past years.  The night is usually planned toward the end of the season, but before the state tournament.  A Friday night game would be the best to optimize fan turnout.  The night chosen was:

Friday, June 9th (CCA vs. Western Dubuque) at CCA HS

Bill stated that he would start sending CCABC meeting invites to Coach Henry again.  If Coach Henry is unable to attend, an assistant coach can attend in his place.

For future 14U teams and the transition to high school baseball:

14U will keep the old uniform

  • Currently the club changes uniforms every 2 years. This will save the 14U team money.

14U will only pay the 1st membership fee ($100), not the additional $150 payment in February/March

  • This $100 fee will cover insurance, the practice facility and up to 3 tournaments

Coach Henry is okay with 14U players playing the March/April tournaments.  The 14U would finish up club baseball with the Clipper Tournament and move over to high school baseball at that point.

Coach Henry and the board are concerned about arm care and burnout for the players.

The transition from 14U to high school should be addressed with the parents and players in November/December before the season starts.

Level 3 in high school baseball is all about development and not the team record.  All players get to play when there is a double header.

Trent stated that the current 13U team (entire team) will probably play up from 14U into high school baseball next year.

  1. Action Items:
  • Reggie to organize field maintenance schedule and expectations
  • Lindsay Nash to set up Sign-Up Genius for field maintenance
  • Darci to email field maintenance schedule and expectations to all club parents
  • Darci to contact/follow-up with Coralville Hy-Vee regarding concession stand food pricing
  • Bill to send CCABC meeting invites to all head coaches and Coach Henry
  • Golda and Bill to purchase concession stand items at Costco


Meeting was adjourned at 8:07pm by Trent DeKoter.  The next meeting will be Monday, April 17th at the CCA High School with the Optimist Club.

 Minutes submitted by: Golda Monohon, Secretary