August 4, 2015

Clear Creek Amana Baseball Club
Board Meeting Minutes August 4, 2015
North Liberty Rec Center
Board Members:
Present:  Trent DeKoter, Adam Henderson, Christine Loren, Bill Nash, Darci Roehler, Matt Lode, Jason Stevens, Mike O’Connor, Mike Wurth
Others Present:  Mike O’Connor, Lindsay Nash


The board invited a parent to the meeting to address concerns regarding their child’s interaction with teammates.  These concerns had been brought to the attention of several board members by parents of players on that team.


Tryouts fee for next year: switch to a non-refundable fee?, which was tabled for a future meeting
Rosters to be released only after all tryout fees have been received


An email will be sent to 2014-2015 coaches to remind them to return equipment

 Regarding tryouts for 2015-2016 season:
  • Use coaches application form from last year.
  • Trent will bring:  tape for banners, Registration banner, cones, baseballs, drop cords
  • Bill will bring:  Sponsors banner, tent, table, water, cooler, clipboards
  • Darci will bring:  table, walk up registration forms, pens, copies of the instructions for each station
  • Christine will bring:  tent, markers, masking tape, cooler
  • Trent will make sure the bathrooms are open to use.
  • Evaluators have all been contacted and committed.  There will be 2 pitching machines.
  • Attitude of players at tryouts: player will receive one warning, if no change player will be asked to leave
  • Christine and Jason will each bring 100 copies of the score sheets
  • Before Wednesday, send list of registered players to Christine, she will then assign the numbers to the players
  • Christine will send email requesting more volunteers (movers and ball shaggers)
  • Christine will order pizza will to feed those working the tryouts.
Bill motioned to appoint Darci Roehler as secretary.  That motion was approved by the rest of the board and Darci accepted.


Christine created and emailed a survey to all the parents who’s son played for the club in the 2014 – 2015 season.  Results from survey will be reviewed by board at a future meeting.


14 parents total were in attendance at the end of the season parent meeting in July 2015.  Discussion as to why the low turnout and what we could do for future parent meetings.


Meeting adjourned.  Minutes submitted by secretary, Darci Roehler.