August 9, 2017


Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at Tiffin City Park in Tiffin, IA at 6:00pm.

Club Members Present: Adam Henderson (President), Bob Morlan (Vice-President), Darci Roehler (Director of Operations), Reggie Meade (Treasurer), Golda Monohon (Secretary) and Wade Good (Alternate)

Others Present: Sara Morlan

2018 13U Coaches Present:  Corey Schlemme, Brian Baxter, Bubba Whitehead, Steve Sherman and Josh McAlpin

  1. 2018 13U Coaching Staff:

Adam opened the meeting by stating there was a mix of 13U blue and white players at evaluations this year so the board needs to identify the 13U head coaches and assistant coaches.  There were a couple of things that happened during the 2017 season regarding coaching that were identified by complaints/emails from parents.  Adam compared this 13U situation to the 2017 11U team and Trent DeKoter as an example.  There were complaints from parents and Trent stepped down from head coach to assistant coach and the team remained successful.

Adam stated that the board would like to see Brian Baxter as head coach and Corey Schlemme as assistant coach of the 13U Blue team.

Brian Baxter stated that this decision was not what he was thinking when he arrived to the meeting but was okay with the decision.  Corey Schlemme also stated that he was okay with the decision.

The 13U Blue roster is currently set.  The 13U White roster still has holes, including the head coach position.  Brian Baxter stated that some parents/families may leave if they do not make the blue team.

The coaches present at the meeting were concerned about the total number of coaches the team had and thought there might be too many.  The board supported the higher number of coaches and stated it was helpful to the players and to the head coach.

The coaches were also concerned about the future ranking of the teams, starting the 2018 season as AA.  Adam stated that he would check with USSSA.  Reggie stated that A versus AA only really matters at the state tournament since most local tournaments are A/AA anyway.  In December/January tournaments start to post so the coaches should sign up soon during this time.  The coaches should register for harder tournaments right away in order to maintain their ranking.  The board also discussed with the coaches the possibility of registering the teams with the PST League for weekday games.

The 2018 13U coaches left.

  1. Setting 2018 Rosters:

Adam suggested not creating a 7U team, but another 8U team instead due to the ages and the number of players that registered for the age group.

Adam also suggested merging all the 9U and 10U players into one team.  The team would have to play as 10U due to the ages and the numbers of players that registered for the age group.

Current Team Numbers:

8U Blue – Trevor Bollers (head coach) – 12 players

8U White – N/A (head coach) – 13 players

10U Blue – Mike Pfister – 12 players (would need to play one player up from 8U and cut one player)

11U Blue – Jay Robertson (head coach) – 11 players

11U White – Trevor Johnson (head coach) – 11 players

12U Blue – Aaron Scholl (head coach) – 11 players

13U Blue – Brian Baxter (head coach) – 11 players

13U White – N/A – 11 players (would need to play two players up from 12U)

14U – 9 players (might be able to convince Ben Swails to join as well, especially if the 14U season is short)

An email needs to be sent to the 8U White players.  The email should state that the team will be playing 8U instead of 7U, the players that have been invited onto the roster, ask if there are any parents that would be interested in coaching and have the families respond with the player’s intent to play on the team.  Golda will send the email.

All 9U players should be contacted to ask parents if they are okay playing their player up to 10U.  Adam stated that all 9U families should have been notified already except Tyson Schmitz.  Adam will contact his family.

An email needs to be sent to the 13U White players.  The email should state the players that have been invited onto the roster, ask if there are any parents that would be interested in coaching and have the families respond with the player’s intent to play on the team.  Golda will send the email.

Adam will contact Cole Jiras to see if his family is okay with him playing up to 13U.

A total of 3 players were cut or voluntarily decided to leave the club after rosters were set.

  1. CCA School District Building Usage:

Reggie contacted the school district and requested that the CCABC be charged a flat fee for usage of the white building (batting cages).  In addition, he requested that the school district waive the 14U building fee since those players may be playing high school baseball for the 2018 season anyway.  Reggie cc’d Coach Henry on the email to the school district so that he could remain informed.

  1. Evaluations:

For the 2019 evaluations next year, the board needs to be more specific assigning evaluation responsibilities to coaches.  The 11U Blue coaches took charge and the white coaches didn’t get to help.

The walk-up registration form was not updated from the 2017 season.  Some parents questioned the statement at the bottom of the form regarding registration fees.  For the 2017 season there was a $30 registration fee that could be applied toward CCABC membership dues.  This year the registration fee was $20 and could not be applied toward membership dues.

  1. Website Updates:

Darci shared a business that could help CCABC update the website: SportsEngine.  With this update there would be no limit on registrations, sign-up available for volunteers (no Sign-up Genius), registration available for tournaments, tournament brackets and registration available for evaluations.  The website would also be mobile friendly and emails could be sent out directly to the teams instead of using the current gmail account.  Darci would like to get quotes from other businesses as well such as Sports Illustrated Play.  The upfront cost is large for website set up, but the annual fee is reasonable and worthwhile.  Reggie stated that he would like to get a budget set up first for the 2018 season before a decision is made.

  1. CCA Clipper Classic Tournament Format:

Reggie would like to get rid of the 4-game guarantee at the next Clipper Classic.  The board needs to contact the Optimist Club soon to see if they would be interested in running the concession stand for the 2018 tournament.  In addition, would there be a mix of A/AA and AAA or should the Clipper Classic be an A/AA tournament and AAA teams would just play up an age bracket instead?

  1. Regularly Scheduled CCA Baseball Club Meetings:

Darci would like to regularly schedule CCABC meetings.  She suggested scheduling a day during the first week of each month for meetings.  Reggie stated that Bob would ask the Methodist Church in Tiffin if the club could use their facilities for meetings.

  1. Pitch Count Change:

Marion’s baseball club president stated the pitch count rules will change and possibly soon enough for the 2018 season.  The limit may be 20 pitches.  If so, 1 day tournaments may be better for teams.

  1. Action Items:
  • Golda to email 13U White team
  • Golda to email 8U White team
  • Adam to contact Tyson Schmitz
  • Adam to contact Cole Jiras
  • Bob to contact the Methodist Church


Meeting was adjourned at 7:15pm by Adam Henderson.  The next meeting will be announced soon.  Location is to be determined.

Minutes submitted by: Golda Monohon, Secretary