September 23, 2016


Saturday, September 24, 2016


Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on Saturday, September 24, 2016 at Deerfield Park in North Liberty, IA at 3:30pm.

 Club Members Present : Trent Dekoter(President),  Bill Nash (Treasurer), Christine Loren (Operations Officer), Golda Monohon (Secretary), Bob Morlan (Alternate)


  1. Rosters and Players that Still Need to Pay 1st Payment:

8U – 9 Players on roster – Still Need a Head Coach

  • 5 players still need to make 1st payment (Darci to Contact Parents)

9U – 3 players on roster – not enough to create a team.

  • Darci will be contacting the players to dissolve the team and discuss possibility to play up with 10U white team.

10U Blue – 11 players on roster

  • 2 players still need to make 1st payment (Bill to Contact Parents)

10U White – 12 players on roster

  • 2 players still need to make 1st payment, but may not play (Bill to Contact Parents)

11U – 11 players on roster

  • 3 players still need to make 1st payment (Trent to Contact Parents)

12U Blue – 11 players on roster

  • 5 players still need to make 1st payment (Darci to Contact Parents)

12U White – 9 players on roster – Possibly adding 1-3 more players

  • 5 players still need to make 1st payment (Darci to Contact Parents)

13U – 11 players on roster

  • 2 players still need to make 1st payment (Trent to Contact Parents)

14U Blue – 12 players on roster

  • 5 players still need to make 1st payment (Trent to Contact Parents)
  • Matt Lode has stated none of the players want to play up In High School

14U White – 5 players on roster – not enough to create a team.

  • Darci will be contacting the players to dissolve the team.


  1. Uniforms:

Meeting with 4 members of the uniform committee Sunday, 9/25/16, at 6pm at the Howell’s residence.

Currently 4 Options:

  1. Rage Grafix (Traditional “button down” design)
  • $65-70 jersey – sublimated – names and numbers are not pressed on, but part of the fabric. Jerseys are hand sewn
  • $22 hat
  • 10 day turnaround time, shipping from California
  1. Ironside (“Old school” multicolor design)
  • $30 jersey – also sublimated
  • $15 flat bill hat (charcoal/blue OR charcoal/white), Trent would like to explore the option of embroidering a “C” on the hat instead
  • Could have home and away jerseys
  • Champion brand
  • May choose charcoal pants instead of usual gray pants. Would need to purchase the charcoal pants through Ironside in order to keep color uniform among the players.
  • Fittings could be set up in Cedar Rapids at Ironside OR reserve the high school and set up evening fittings based upon the age groups.
  1. Stephanie (Softball-like design)
  • Price was between those of Rage Grafix and Ironside
  1. Wilson’s
  • Will not be pursuing and would need to conduct business from his garage.


  1. Window Clings

Darci is almost done handing out the window clings.  Trent still has 5 left and should save one for the tax preparer as well as Bobbers.  LiberTees is also another patron to consider, but she designed the clings and probably wouldn’t need one.

Need to denote non-profit organization/tax ID information on the donation sheet for next year.  Board members need to drop off donation sheets to 10-15 businesses in the area.


  1. Helmets

Bill will contact Premier Automotive to paint helmets again.  With the new uniform design, we may need to pull off the current clipper ship decal and replace with a “C”.  Will need to contact Rage Grafix regarding supplying the “C” decal for the helmets.


  1. Fan Gear

May consider going to Rage Grafix or Ironside for fan gear for 2017 season.  Consult uniform committee regarding fan gear.


  1. Bat Bags

Would like to go through Pete Wilson at Perfect Game again for bat bags.


  1. Clipper Tournament – May 6 & 7

QC Cannons have already been inquiring about our Clipper Tournament and will be bringing many teams.  They are hosting a tournament on Father’s Day weekend and have invited CCA.

Need to set up a temporary fence at the field by the tennis courts to help with home run ruling.

Bill will call to reserve the Babe Ruth field at Penn Meadows.

Concession Stand

  • Have used Steve’s trailer the last several years. CCA can rent the concession stand at Penn Meadows , but only ~10% profit will go to CCABC.
  • Using Hy-Vee last year to run the grill for hamburgers, hot dogs and brats was successful for the 2016 season. Hy-Vee can also provide pizza.  We should check with them regarding supplying all the food for the 2017 season.  Darci will call the Hy-Vee on 1st Ave. by Iowa City High to reserve the date.
  • CCA will offer $500 to other groups (example: Renegades) to run the concession stand as a fundraiser. CCABC will provide the money for the food, but the group will need to purchase the food and run the concession stand.
  • Trent will contact Coach Henry (as well as cc the assistant coaches) first to see if the high school baseball team would like to run the concession stand for the Clipper tournament. If the high school baseball team chooses not to, then we should open the option up to other CCA clubs such as the band, booster club, cheerleaders, wrestlers, etc.

Consult Steven for the tournament machine to run the Clipper tournament.  Laminated brackets on the score table would work well.

Keep Clipper Tournament ideas rolling as the time gets closer.  Trent will need to update the registration form for the tournament.

Mississippi Valley will be hosting 7 tournaments in Tiffin for the 2017 season.  The have offered a tournament discount to CCA to participate in any of their tournaments.


  1. Insurance

Bill will register the 8U team.  Once the 8 CCA teams are registered, the CCABC can purchase insurance.  Bill has also acquired a debit card for easier purchasing by the board.


  1. Taxes

Tax preparer has requested several items from Bill including the list of kids from 2015.  Trent will provide the list of donations from 2015 for Bill as well to provide for taxes.


  1. Practice Facilities

10U Blue has requested to practice at HTRC and Diamond Dreams.  CCABC will offer $500 again to each team for practice facilities.  HTRC is $250/hour, so the board will be unable to meet this request but the team can pay for this facility on their own if they choose.

Need to reserve time slot at Tiffin Elementary through the district website.  Would need to reserve from January to the end of March, Monday-Friday, ~6:30pm (or sooner) – 8pm.  Need to register the teams in order to get insurance.  Once the insurance is set up, the copies need to be sent to Sara from the school district with the administrative office address.  Once the insurance copy is sent to the school, then Tiffin Elementary can be reserved for practice.

North Bend is not an option and would have to be reserved through the city.

Cosgrove provided a discount to CCABC last year and can be reserved Monday-Sunday.  The 2 pitcher mounds are located at Cosgrove and would be a good facility for coaches to provide pitching and hitting practice.  If CCABC pays the money for 7 of the 8 teams (excluding 10U Blue), it could be used as a tax write-off.

After Thanksgiving the CCABC will schedule a coaches meeting at which point practice times can be set up at the 3 facilities: Tiffin Elementary, Cosgrove and CCA Middle School batting cages.


  1. Fundraising

Would like to pursue fundraiser night at Bobbers again in February 2017.  This was a successful event last year.  None of the parents had to work and were able to enjoy the evening.  Would like to have Jes Lang organize this again and possibly have Tracy DeKoter book a band for the evening.


  1. CCABC Scholarship

Scholarship to be awarded to high school senior, preferably a baseball player.  This year the applicants will be students that potentially played with the club when they were younger.  Requirements will be set such as GPA, ACT score, extracurricular activities, essay, etc.  There may be possibly 5 applicants this year.


  1. Equipment

14U catching gear needs purchased.  Steven already has catching gear.  Todd Mosier from last year’s 8U team still has the 8U catching gear and has been contacted.  This gear can be given to the 2017 8U team.  Will need another catching gear set for 12U.  CCABC should buy 1 small set of catching gear and 1 large set of catching gear.

Will need to buy balls for the teams, such as 12 whiffle balls and/or 6 sand balls.  The sand balls are more expensive and should mark them as “CCA” before supplying to each team.

Ideally would like to supply Bow nets for each team.  They cost over $100 per net.  Maybe CCABC would get a discount for purchasing so many at once.


  1. Action Items
  • Email the parents that still need to pay the 1st payment (teams delegated to Darci, Bill and Trent)
  • Email the parents/teams (8U) that still need a coach to volunteer (Darci)
  • Register 8U team (Bill)
  • Take care of insurance for the club (Bill)
  • Request Tiffin Elementary as a practice location
  • Set up Coaches Meeting after Thanksgiving
  • Call Hy-Vee to reserve date for Clippers tournament (Darci)



Meeting was adjourned at 5:10pm by Trent DeKoter. The next meeting will be announced.

Minutes submitted by: Golda Monohon, Secretary