November 9, 2015 (Coaches Mtg.)

November 9, 2015
Coaches Meeting
Pizza Ranch, North Liberty 6:00 p.m.


Attendance: Reggie 9U White, Chris Downes & Brad Otto 11U, Brad Korschgen & Matt Lode 13U, Jay Robertson 9U Blue, Jenny Jensen 14U, Trent DeKoter and Jason Stevens 10U, Brad Stockman 12U, Todd Mosier 8U


Keep track of the number of games and practices, will have to turn that in at end of season.


Get on the community use facilities section of the school website, high school practice times will always come before any other team


Team allotment for games and umpires is the same as last season.


When registering teams enter the player’s given names (not shortened version, ie. Andrew not Drew).

Rosters will freeze on the USSSA website in May

Once your team is registered, email the 16 digit # to Trent so he can then get the club insurance in place


Club needs to purchase 5 binders for the following coaches:

Jay, Brad S., Chris, Reggie, Todd

Items to collect and keep in the binders:  copy of each player’s birth certificate, copy of club insurance


Practice will be at Cosgrove, Reggie is a board member there and has negotiated a better price of $25/session tone pic up front, snow days can be rescheduled


9U Blue and 10U will practice at Diamond Dreams on Sunday evenings


Todd and Reggie need equipment (indoor/outdoor balls, catcher’s gear)

Mike and Jenny need catcher’s gear

Chris needs a bag


No fundraising at Slims this season


Please share with players and their families: when purchasing anything at Play It Again Sports tell them you are with the CCA BC and a % of the sale will go to the club.


Coaches meeting with Cosgrove Board to schedule practice times will be Dec 7 at 7pm in the library at Cosgrove, no net this year in the gym there for a batting cage

Need to sweep before and after practice, as well as check the bathrooms


It was suggested the club’s credit at Play It Again Sports be used to purchase 3 to 5 tees and a box to be locked and kept at the high school indoor batting cage.