July 13, 2017


Thursday, July 13, 2017


 Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at CCA High School in the Commons Area in Tiffin, IA at 6:33pm.

 Club Members Present: Trent DeKoter (President), Adam Henderson (Vice-President), Darci Roehler (Director of Operations), Bill Nash (Treasurer), Golda Monohon (Secretary), Reggie Meade (Alternate), Bob Morlan (Alternate)


Club Members Present:

              Bubba Whitehead (12U White)                  Bill Isham (10U White)                 Nathan Mineart (10U White)

              Heather Mineart (10U White)                    Shannon Detert (10U White)      Tim Portwood (10U White & 14U)

              Trevor Johnson (10U White)                      Wade Good (10U White)               Tasha Good (10U White)

              Sara Lang (12U Blue)                                     Jill Schlemme (12U Blue)             Corey Schlemme (12U Blue)

              Jason Krieger (12U White)                          Travis Weber (12U White)          Kelly Weber (12U White)

              Mike Pfistor                                                        Bryan Hosford (12U White)        Brian Baxter (12U White)

              Bryan Monohon (11U)                                   Trevor Bollers (7U)                        Sara Morlan (13U)


  1. CCABC 2017 Finances:

Bill opened the meeting since Trent was running late due to work.  Bill announced that it was his last day of his 3 year term as CCABC Treasurer.  Reggie will be taking over the Treasurer position, which opens an alternate position on the board.

2017 Financial Report
Dues  $          21,750.00
Fundraising/Tournament  $          10,468.40
Total  $          32,218.40
Games/Practice  $          24,473.00
Operations  $             3,774.50
Equipment  $             2,538.28
Field Rental  $             2,000.00
Donations  $             1,280.00
Banners  $                975.12
Total  $          35,040.90
Net Income  $          (2,822.50)


Reggie discussed the 2017 Financial Report and all related details:

  • Most of the club income comes from membership dues.
  • Fundraising/Tournament income is income for the club only and does not include money raised for individual teams.
  • The Clipper Classic is a large fundraiser for the CCA Baseball Club and by hosting this tournament, the club provides a free tournament to every Clipper team. For the 2017 season, the club tried something new by outsourcing the concession stand to the Optimist Club.  CCABC paid the Optimist Club $800 and the parents in the club were able to have the freedom to watch the teams play instead of trying to cover the concession stand during the tournament.
  • The club has not received the Hills field invoice from the Clipper Classic nor has it received the invoice for the Tiffin fields. These expenses were estimated when Reggie completed the financial report.
  • Games/Practice included umpire fees, practice facilities, etc.
  • Operations included insurance, USSSA registration, etc.
  • The 2017 Season did experience a loss in revenue by ~$2800. This may be due to less players in the club, increased fees (tournament fees, etc.) and not as much money raised during the Clipper Classic.

Reggie informed everyone present that the CCA school district will now be charging non-school affiliated organizations a building fee which affects the CCABC.  The CCA Baseball Club rents the batting cage for all teams, Tiffin and North Bend Elementary gyms for indoor practice facilities for all teams, and the library or common area in CCA High School for meetings.

$10/hour for batting cages

$25/hour for gyms

The CCABC will need to budget according to this increased facility rental.  Evaluation registration fees were planned to be used in lieu of increasing the club dues.

$20 for pre-registered players

$40 for walk-up players

In the past the evaluation registration fees were applied toward player club membership dues.  This year they will used to help pay for the increased school district building rental fees.  Even with the evaluation registration fee income, the CCABC will still come up short balancing the budget for the 2018 season.

Reggie proposed that instead of setting strict allotments when dispensing money to the teams, that the club distribute one lump sum to each team.  Therefore there are 2 options for the 2018 season:

  1. Raise club fees to players and increase team allotments
  2. Keep allotments the same and allow teams to raise more money

Trevor Johnson asked if there would a minimum number of tournaments each team must participate in during a season.  The board replied that some teams prefer to play in more tournaments than weekday games and vice versa.  Therefore the answer was no minimum number of tournaments are required, although Bill stated usually teams participate in ~5 tournaments each year.  Lindsay Nash urged teams to keep a spreadsheet of all team expenses and return the excess money back to the club at the end of the season.

Darci stated that in past years the allotments have been distributed at different times during the year.  Reggie stated that some money may be held back (state tournament money) to encourage teams to help/volunteer during the Clipper Classic.

Wade Good stated that with so many organizations among the kids, fundraisers tend to get old and he would prefer to pay an extra $25 or $50 in club dues.  Overall the parents in the meeting responded that they would prefer to raise club fees, especially since they haven’t been increased in ~8 years, as stated by Trent.

Trevor Johnson asked how many players were in the club last year.  Trent stated around 100 players.  Trevor stated that an increase in players would be helpful to the club budget for 2018.

Trevor Bollers left the meeting at 6:51pm.

Parents at the meeting proposed and approved to increase the club membership dues from $250 (one payment of $100 in September and one payment of $150 in February/March) to $300 instead (two payments of $150).  CCABC would still offer a discount to families with multiple players.  In addition the registration money for evaluations would still be collected ($20 or $40 a player).

Reggie stated that he would create a budget for the 2018 season and send it to all parents by November 2017.  Reggie cannot complete the budget until all evaluations are complete and the number of players in the club have been finalized.  After the budget is completed, the board can then announce the amount of team allotments for 2018.

  1. CCABC Evaluations for the 2018 Season:

Trent thanked parents and coaches for another successful year for the CCA Baseball Club.  Trent announced to the parents the change in “tryout” format for the next season.  The club will no longer host “traditional tryouts”.  Instead the club will be hosting evaluations.  There will no longer be third party evaluators.  Instead the coaches will evaluate their age group.  The blue team coach will get to lead the evaluation and get first pick of players to fill his roster.  Coaches from the white team are encouraged to help evaluate and take notes of their own.  Once the blue team coach has announced his roster, players from the blue team can still choose to be moved to the white team.  Once the blue team roster is finalized, the white team will then be determined and announced.  For the 2018 season, there are two age groups that may have enough players to form two teams:

11U and 13U.

The coaches choose the evaluation format.  There will not be pitching machines available for hitting or pop flies as in past years.  The coaches are encouraged to focus on drills for hitting and fielding.  Chances are there will not be evaluations over pitching and catching, but some coaches may still choose to do so.

The number of players chosen for a team is up to the coach.  USSSA pitch count may cause some coaches to pick 12 players for their roster.

Darci announced the change from traditional tryouts to the new evaluations format was the result of feedback received in previous years.  There will be two evaluation dates (July 22 and August 5) to try to accommodate most players and coaches, however, players are only allowed to attend one evaluation date.

Bill announced a gentleman would like to get a 7U team together, but those players will not be evaluated.  Parents will need to spread the word to get more interest and complete the team.  PST league now has a 7U league that this team can participate in.

Some parents asked about the current number of players for the Evaluation Registration.  Trent responded that the club has a low number of players for the 10U age group, but a high number of players for the 8U and 11U age groups.  Bill guessed that there is currently 65 players signed up for evaluations, but in the end there will be ~120 players.

Wade Good asked if white team coaches should be present to help at evaluations.  Bill stated that the blue team coach will need help running the evaluation and help with knowing all the players’ names.  He stated that the players should get a registration number written on each hand to help with identification during evaluations.  White team coaches should grab a clipboard to take notes as well since they will need to form their team once the blue team roster is announced.  There will be a learning curve this year for evaluations since the format is new to all.

Parents asked who would be coaching and who would be evaluating for the 2018 season:

8U –             Trevor Bollers

9U –             Luke Mason (Aug. 5)/Kevin (July 22) – some parents said Luke’s commitment was still in question,

due to his interest in going to the Tigers

10U –            ?? (Bill Isham, Adam Henderson, Bill Nash or Bryan Monohon will fill in just for evaluations)

11U –           Jay Robertson (July 22)/Jake Smith (Aug. 5) (Blue)

Nate Mineart, Wade Good, Bill Isham will observe or help during evaluations

12U –            Aaron Scholl (on vacation)/Trent DeKoter (Aug. 5)/Bryan Monohon and Adam Henderson (July 22 and possibly Aug. 5)

13U –            Corey Schlemme (Blue)

Brian Baxter will observe or help during evaluations

14U –            No longer Brad Stockman, possibly Trent DeKoter instead

Parents asked about the 14U team, specifically will they be in communication with Coach Henry from the CCA High School team?  Trent stated that Brad Stockman and Jodie Scheetz have announced they will not be coaching next year.  Trent may end up coaching the team instead.  14U team will play until the Clipper Classic, then move

up to high school baseball.  Reggie stated that playing 14U at the same time as high school baseball is not good for the players’ health.  On the other hand, it would be beneficial for the players to practice and play games in the winter and early spring in order to be conditioned and ready for high school baseball in the late spring and summer.

A parent asked how coaches are chosen for teams.  Trent stated that whoever volunteers can become coach.  If there are multiple volunteers for head coach, then the board may step in to decide.

  1. Player/Team Development:

Lindsay Nash asked how coaches will develop their team to make them more competitive.  Reggie stated that many coaches like to develop players during league (weekday) games by playing kids at different positions.  During the tournament (weekend) games, coaches tend to place players in their best positions in order to be more competitive.  The degree of competitiveness depends on the coach.  For instance some coaches may limit the number of players batting at games and tournaments.  If players on a particular team want to be more competitive than the coach has set up, the board suggested a team meeting among the families or consulting the board.

  1. 2017 10U White Team:

Parents of the 10U White team had concerns regarding their team money.  The team experienced two cancelled tournaments the past season:

$490       Cornshucker Tournament

$250      Mississippi Valley Sports Tournament

$740       Total tournament refunds that need to be returned to the club

Trevor Johnson stated that the team still has expenses to pay, but need these refunds in order to pay the expenses.  Steve Corbin has access to the team money.  Bill will ask Trevor Johnson for the tournament dates after the meeting and will follow-up with Steve Corbin regarding the team money.  Once the 2017 team account is resolved, the new team account as 11U will start over at $0.

  1. Board Nominations:

Bill announced 2 openings on the CCABC board.  Positions on the board are 3 year terms.

Bill Nash’s term as Treasurer is complete.  The Treasurer position will be filled by Reggie Meade which

opens an alternate position.

Trent DeKoter (President) – Trent stated that he has served on the board for 4 years, 3 of which as president.  The President position on the board is open.

Reggie Meade (Alternate) – Reggie will be filing the Treasurer position which opens the alternate position instead.  Reggie proposed restructuring the board to create a Tournament Director role from the open alternate position.  The Clipper Classic is so time consuming that it would be ideal to have one person focus on the tournament while the rest of the board focuses on running the routine operations of the club.

Darci also stated that there is need for help at the registration tables in North Liberty during the Clipper Classic Tournament.  Darci and Sara Morlan will be running the registration table at Tiffin.  The club can set up games at the fields in such a way that parents operating the registration table can still see their kid(s) play.

Trevor Johnson motioned for Adam Henderson to fill the position as club president.  Wade Good seconded the motion.  Adam Henderson accepted.

Bill Nash stated that the Vice President position is open and needs to be filled.  He suggested that Golda Monohon move up since she is currently Secretary and Heather Mineart fill the Secretary position.  Darci then volunteered to swap positions with Golda.

Kelly Weber volunteered for the North Liberty registration table.  Nate Mineart volunteered his wife, Heather Mineart, to also help with the North Liberty registration table.

Bob Morlan stated that he would remain as an alternate on the board even though his son, Tommy, will only play a partial year with the 14U team.

Wade Good volunteered as an alternate.

At the conclusion of the meeting, board positions were as follows:

President – Adam Henderson

Vice President – Darci Roehler

Secretary – Heather Mineart

Treasurer – Reggie Meade

Director of Operations – Golda Monohon

Alternate – Bob and Sara Morlan

Alternate – Wade Good

Registration Table (Tiffin) – Darci Roehler and Sara Morlan

Registration Table (North Liberty) – Kelly Weber and Heather Mineart

Tournament Director – ??

The board may discuss moving positions around at a later time.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:47pm by Trent DeKoter. The next meeting will be announced at a later date.

Minutes submitted by: Golda Monohon, Secretary