June 2, 2017


FridayJune 2, 2017


Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on FridayJune 2, 2017 at Clear Creek Amana High School in the library at Tiffin, IA at 5:45pm.

Club Members Present: Trent DeKoter (President)Adam Henderson (Vice President), Darci Roehler (Operations Officer), Bill Nash (Treasurer), Golda Monohon (Secretary), Reggie Meade (Alternate), Bob Morlan (Alternate)

Others Present: Sara Morlan

  1. CCABC Finances:

Bill is concerned that there isn’t enough money coming into the club versus what is going out for expenses.  Trent mentioned that club fees have not been increased for 7 years and it may be time to do so.  Bill specifically cited the current financial allotments for each team:

$2000 – tournaments

$  500 – practice facilities (Diamond Dreams)

$  500 – umpire fees

$  575 – state tournament


~$3600 has been allotted to each team, but this still does not cover insurance fees, the use of Tiffin fields and Clipper Classic tournament fees.


For the 2017-2018 school year, the CCA school district has announced that organizations not directly affiliated with the school district will need to pay for facility usage.  This includes use of the gyms, cage and library.  Facility rental fee to CCABC appears to be $10/hour.  This may affect club dues as well.

For next year, coaches need to be informed that the invoice for practice facility usage at Diamond Dreams needs to be billed to the coach and not the CCABC.  In the past, coaches used all the team money and quit coaching the following year.  CCABC was then stuck paying Diamond Dreams for the facility usage above and beyond what was already allotted to the team.

6 teams will be going to the state tournament this year:

10U Blue/10U White


12U Blue/12U White


8U and 14U will not be going to state.

Reggie will get with Bill to go over finances and what needs to be done for next year.

  1. 10U White Team Update:

Since the 10U White team meeting on May 10th, things have been fine but a little awkward.  Steve broke his leg and has been in the hospital.  He would like to resume coaching as soon as possible.  Anthony Medina played for a weekend temporarily in his old uniform.  He will not be permanently added to the roster.

  1. Clipper Classic Tournament

Reggie suggested that a tournament committee be formed to help plan the Clipper Classic each year.  Much of the club president’s time as well as the rest of the board was focused only on the tournament instead of other important topics such as by-laws, tryouts, etc.

The City of Hills has not sent their invoice yet for the field usage during the Clipper Classic.  The bill will probably be between $400-800.

The dates for the 2018 tournament need to be reserved.  May 5th and 6th appear to be the best dates possible.  Bill will need to pay a deposit to reserve Penn Meadows and the Tiffin fields.

  1. CCABC Tryouts:

Prior to open discussion with the coaches, the board shared pros and cons of traditional tryouts briefly.  In the past it has been hard to get evaluators to commit to an entire day of tryouts.  The evaluators are not paid but are usually fed pizza over lunch.  Two dates were used last year to help any families that could not make one tryout date due to vacations or other obligations.  As a solution to this problem, the coaches could be the evaluators this year.  If so, the club would not have to reserve evaluators.  We could possibly remove the need for pitching machines.  Each team/age group could be assigned a field.  The coach could then use their own evaluation format.  The fields would still need to be reserved and dragged prior to evaluations.  We would also need to decide how teams/age groups would be evaluated if a coach has not been determined yet.  The club would need to lock down a roster date so that players are not added late.

Coaches Meeting began at 6:30pm in the same location in addition to the members of the board:

Coaches Present: Bill Isham (10U White), Jake Smith (10U Blue), Ryan Haughey (7U), Corey Schlemme (12U Blue), Brian Baxter (12U White), Luke Mason (8U), Jason Krieger (12U White), Trevor Bollers (7U), Brent Henry (CCA High School Baseball Coach)

Sara and Bob Morlan represented 13U.  Trent DeKoter represented 11U.

Tryout Format:

Reggie opened the meeting up to coaches by stating the board would like to discuss with coaches the format of the upcoming tryouts this summer.  The ideas on the table are to continue with traditional tryouts or let coaches pick their teams.

The traditional format last year included the following stations set up on different fields.  Each age group rotated through each station.  Evaluators were a 3rd party and were not given players names to avoid bias.

  1. Hitting Station Using a Pitching Machine – Player was evaluated on 10 swings.
  1. Pop Flies Using a Pitching Machine – Player was evaluated on 4 pop fly catches in right field and their throws to 2nd base.  Player was also evaluated on their fielding of grounders in right field and their throws to 3rd base.
  2. Shortstop – Player was evaluated on their fielding of grounders at shortstop and their throws to 1st base.

Jake Smith mentioned that other club tryouts are run like a practice.  They run fielding drills, looking at footwork.  They run hitting drills, looking for form.  By running the tryout like a practice, the players are more comfortable.

Trent stated that instead of using independent evaluators, the coach could run the evaluation and choose the team themselves.  There wouldn’t be a need for an evaluation form.  However, if coaches are interested they could still use the evaluation sheets from previous years.  The board has extra copies if needed.  Players would still have to check-in/register for the evaluation.  The cons of a coach pick evaluation would be bias toward or against specific players.  In addition, the coaches would have to be identified prior to the evaluation.

The current 7U team has 13 players; several of them are still 6 years old.  Trevor Bollers confirmed that none of the players have decided to play 7U again next year.  All 13 players will be moving forward to play 8U next year.  There probably will not be a 7U team formed next year.

It was questioned how the club would deal with two teams from one age group.  All players from that age group would report to the same field for evaluation.  Hopefully the coaches remain objective during the evaluation.  If there are multiple coaches present, they would have to collaborate to choose teams.  Blue team should be chosen first.  If the white team coach has a son that is chosen for the blue team for the following year, that coach may want to step down from coaching the white team.  Furthermore, if a player is chosen for the blue team, they can step down to play for the white team but there should be a legitimate reason to do so.  A poor reason to change teams would be that it is easier to catch a ride to practice.  The “top tier” coach would need to be designated prior to evaluations.  For example Jay Robertson would be designated as the top tier coach for 11U next year since currently he coaches the 10U Blue team.

Another question was posed, should make-up days be arranged with the coaches?  It was decided that the board should reserve 2 evaluation dates:

Saturday, July 22nd (Rainout date reserved for July 23rd)

Saturday, August 5th (Rainout date reserved for August 6th)

Coaches may need ~3 hours for evaluation.  In the past 75-80% of players pre-registered on the website.  In order to keep things simple, players cannot be evaluated twice.  Players register and are evaluated for one date only.  If the player registered for one date, but was ill and was not evaluated then they can arrive and be evaluated for the second date.

It was discussed how much to charge for registration.  Reggie shared the idea of providing t-shirts to players that pre-registered, but this would take additional time and planning to achieve.  Instead the following was decided:

Pre-registration – $20

Walk-up registration – $40

Registration fees would not be applied toward club dues.  It was difficult to keep track of last year and the registration payments may help with the financial concerns of the club Bill discussed earlier in the meeting.

Registration fees are non-refundable if a player does not make a team.  However, if the club is unable to form a team, then the registration fees will be refunded to those families.

Only 5 players registered for 9U tryouts last year, therefore there currently is not a 9U team in the club.  There will be boys who will register for that age group at tryouts.  Currently there is no coach for that age group to evaluate.  Bill Isham volunteered to be a coach next year for 10U or 11U.  There are ~4 players playing on the 10U White team that are 9 years old.  Hopefully the club will be able to fill up a team for this age group next year.

Non-CCA Players:

Reggie discussed the topic of grandfathering non-Clear Creek Amana school district students/players onto teams that they helped fill at an earlier age OR players that move out of the district, but want to stay with the same team to play baseball.  There are several Heritage and Regina students that do or would like to play on CCA teams as well.

Reggie suggested the following to be added to the by-laws:

  • For Non-CCA students (outside of the school district) during their 1st year with the CCABC, they could play on a CCABC team in order to fill out a roster.  If there are 2 teams within the same age group, they are only eligible to play on the white team.
  • For Non-CCA students (outside of the school district) during their 2nd or more year with the CCABC, they would be eligible to tryout and play at the same capacity as a CCA student/player, including playing on the blue team if there are 2 teams within the same age group.
  • If there are 2 players of equal abilities, one a CCA student and the other a non-CCA student, the coach however should choose the CCA student.  The long-term goal of the CCABC is to act as a feeder program to the Clear Creek Amana High School Baseball team.

Bill mentioned that is was unfair to ask non-CCA students/players to help fill CCA baseball teams when they are younger, but then tell them they cannot play or are not eligible to play on the blue team as they get older.

Adam proposed the motion and Bill seconded the motion to grandfather non-CCA school district students into the CCABC.

When the board emails the club regarding evaluation day registration, it should be advertised that the club is looking for coaches for specific age groups (for example next year’s 10U team and future 8U teams).  It would be beneficial to advertise this information as well on the CCABC website prior to evaluations.

Evaluation Days July 22nd or August 5th:

8am – Registration Begins

9am-Noon – 8U-11U Evaluations

1pm-4pm – 12U-14U Evaluations

Registration information will be made available on the website soon.

Meeting was adjourned with the coaches at 7:31pm by Trent DeKoter.

Darci will email the club information regarding evaluations.

  1. 2018 14U Team:

CCABC will need to be more proactive regarding the 14U plans for next year.  14U would pay the 1st fee of $150 to the club, play without a new uniform, complete the season at the Clipper Classic Tournament, then move on to play on the CCA high school baseball team.

  1. 2018 CCA Clipper Classic:
Trent mentioned possibly emailing the PST league to coordinate planning the CCA Clipper Classic for next year.  He also stated that he would like to condense the field usage:
  • Do not use Hills or Quail Creek
  • Limit the number of 14U teams to 4
  • Use only Penn Meadows and Tiffin fields
  • Use Tiffin fields during the night since we could use the lights.
  1. Parents Meeting:

Parents Meeting is scheduled for July 13th.  Trent will start looking for a replacement to fill his position as president after 2018.  The replacement will act as an apprentice until Trent relinquishes his duties.

By-laws will need to be updated throughout to replace the word “tryouts” with “evaluations” instead.  The by-laws will not be changed regarding team accounts.  Team accounts with balances over $500, will need to return the money beyond $500 to the club.  By-laws will be updated to define a member of the club more clearly and allow non-members to coach and volunteer.  The by-laws will also be updated to define player eligibility, including grandfathering non-CCA school district players.  The by-laws will need to be updated before the parents meeting.

  1. Evaluations:

Darci will be available to man the registration table both evaluation dates.  Golda will be available for the August 5th date.  Adam will be available for both evaluation dates.

If coaches are going to be absent either evaluation date, they need to provide the board with their subs by June 15th.  Coaches will need to decide their team and provide the roster to the board by Wednesday, August 9th.  The board will publish the rosters by Saturday, August 12th.

It was discussed to have players accept their spot on the blue team and pay the $100 first club fee before announcing the white team roster.  However Darci motioned to have all coaches announce teams all at once and get money later out of ease and lack of time to retrieve $100 from players to secure their spot on the team roster.  First club fee will be due September 1st.  If a team cannot be created, the $100 will be refunded to those families.

  1. Action Items:
  • Darci to email coaches regarding 2018 evaluations
  • Darci to email club regarding 2018 evaluations
  • Bill to pay down payment for May 5th and 6th dates for the 2018 Clipper Classic


Meeting was adjourned at 8:12pm by Trent DeKoter. The next meeting will be the Parents Meeting on Thursday, July 13th at 6:30pm

Minutes submitted by: Golda Monohon, Secretary