March 23, 2017


Thursday, March 23, 2017


Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at Throttle Down in Tiffin, IA at 6:35pm.

Club Members Present: Trent DeKoter (President), Darci Roehler (Operations Officer), Bill Nash (Treasurer), Golda Monohon (Secretary), Reggie Meade (Alternate), Bob Morlan (Alternate)

Others Present: Sara Morlan and Matt Lode (14U Coach)

1. Clipper Tournament – Babe Ruth Field:

CCABC lost access to the Babe Ruth field at Penn Meadows for the CCA Clipper Tournament. This field was going to be used for the 14U Gold bracket.

Other options:

Iowa City fields (Booked)

Coralville (Booked)

Hills (Trent has this reserved for now – does have a staffed concession stand)

CCA High School (Not available on Saturday, but available on Sunday)

Cattleyard (Matt Lode to contact)

If we use Hills, 3 umpires will need to be set up. One will need to man the check-in table and the other 2 will be on the field for games. The 3 umpires can rotate throughout the day. Trent to set this up with Brett Breard. May need to pay these umpires extra.


2. Helmets:

12U and 13U are the last teams to have helmets painted (~19 helmets left). This should be done sometime next week.

3. 12U Blue:

12U Blue would like to add a player to substitute for 6 games (including the state tournament). The family would purchase a uniform for him, but the board needs to decide if this is okay and if so, will the family need to pay partial dues to the club.

Currently the team has 11 players on the team, but they already know several kids will be gone for 6 games (example: Roland won’t be able to go to the state tournament due to his mission trip). Some things to consider: If the substitute player is already on a team, they cannot play down (example: If on a AAA team, cannot sub onto a AA team). If only playing 6 games, the player would not be added onto the team roster, but would need to be for tournament games. Rosters are frozen toward the end of April/beginning of May for the state tournament.

Since the substitute would need to be added to the roster, it is unfair to 12U White players to pull in a player that did not try out for the team. In order to add an additional player, a parent meeting would be necessary for all 12U parents/players (12U Blue and White) to decide which 12U white player would move to the blue team. When building the roster after tryouts, the coach is given the option to have 11 or 12 players on their team. Not having enough players for some games is a risk coaches take if they only choose 11 players for their team. If the 12U Blue coach decides not to pull a player from the 12U white team, they will have to take the out when playing the 6 games.

4. Clipper Tournament:

Reggie has figured out how to set up the Round Robin for the odd number brackets in the tournament. 7 teams is difficult to set up since we have a 4 game guarantee over the weekend.

10U AAA currently has 6 teams signed up. We will not be able to allow the major team to play that had signed up for the tournament. When the major team paid online, the website bypassed the approval process. 10AAA will play at Quail Ridge and the city will set up a temporary fence for this field. Trent would also like to set up a temporary fence at the Rage Grafix field (by the tennis courts) at Penn Meadows.

Optimist Club is gathering members for manning the concession stand.

Matt Lode has provided the contact to Dunn Designs, a t-shirt company. They will be present at the tournament and 20% of their profits will go to the CCABC.

Kona Ice will be present at the tournament and 10% of their profits will go to the CCABC.

Darci is in contact with Hy-Vee in Coralville. Still working on pricing for the concession stand food. Hy-Vee will provide:

* Meats (hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, chicken) – looking into walking tacos at Hy-Vee

* Buns

* Condiments in packets

CCABC board will need to purchase all other concession stand items.

Christine Loren’s concession stand “binder” was found. In reality it was a manila envelope with old receipts. Since too many items were purchased for last year’s Clipper tournament and needed to be returned to Costco, we need to go through the old receipts and determine more accurate quantities. Golda to coordinate with Lindsay and Bill to create a list of reasonable quantities before purchasing for the tournament. Will rent a U-Haul again to house the concession items during the weekend. Will purchase items on Friday before the tournament. Will need 6 ft tables, tents and coolers for the concession stand as well.

Bill Nash to set up rental for 2 golf carts with beds to transport the pitching mounds. Will store in Trent’s garage over the tournament weekend.

Need to solidify tournament game playing times, specifically for championship games.

8U – 10U Regular Games: 1 hour 30 minutes (no new inning after 1 hour 20 minutes)

8U – 10U Championship Games: 1 hour 45 minutes (no new inning after 1 hour 30 minutes)

11U – 13U: 1 hour 45 minutes

14U: 2 hours/7 innings (if tie, International tie-breaker rules)

Need to compare game playing times with other USSSA tournament rules.

Need to talk to Bret Breard to prevent hard stop by umpires for games.

Adam will need to confirm with the 10U AA team that has signed up for the 10U AAA bracket if that is correct.

Field Maintenance:

Possibly set up Sign-up Genius and assign to coaches in order to provide expectations and organization to the field maintenance. Reggie would like to create a maintenance schedule. Board will not pay state tournament fees if teams do not participate in Clipper tournament field maintenance. Will need to send an email from the board to alert parents with expectations. Trent is setting up the brackets so that all Clipper teams will play the second games of the day. Clipper teams will perform field maintenance prior to the 2nd games. 1 team to rake 2 fields throughout the day.

Registration will be under the shelter at the Tiffin fields. Sara Morlan will be manning the registration table at the Tiffin fields. 13U team will be playing on Field 4. Darci will be manning the registration at

the Penn Meadows fields. Darci will need to get binders to Sara for the Tiffin registration table. Sara and Darci have requested card stock pitching cards. Will use Adam’s hot spot from his phone to upload game scores onto Darci’s laptop during the tournament. Will need to call Adam and Darci during the tournament with scores. Adam can then click “Bracket” on the website to upload the scores. Adam will get a head start by entering the pool play for the full brackets now. Will want to test the hot spot at the fields prior to the tournament. Sara would like to print the brackets and laminate them before the tournament. She will then write on them with a dry erase marker throughout the day.

Games will begin at 9am.

Times the same except the Gold bracket.

No MVP medals.

5. 14U and High School Team

High school baseball coaches have been approaching 14U team members to join the high school team. The players have been told they can play both HS and 14U by the high school coaches. 6 players from the 14U team attended the HS baseball meeting:

* Josh Lode

* Evan Aisenbrey

* Tyler Loren

* Treyton Bickel

* Ryan Detert

4 of the players are debating playing on the HS team. HS practice is from 10am-noon every day in the summer. They will also have games. 14U practice is Tuesday and Thursday evenings. They will also have games. The concern is burning out the players. Some players may end up quitting 14U team halfway through the season. 14U coach and the board would like to prevent the problem of players quitting mid-season.

Parent meeting on Sunday with coaches Brent Henry and Nick Boeset. Matt Lode would like the parents of the 4 players to decide now and not change their minds on 5/1/17, when the high school team solidifies their roster.

There are 2 players that did not try out for the 14U team that could be approached by Matt Lode to add to the team if several current players decide to leave the 14U team for the HS team. Anthony Hennes doesn’t want to play HS baseball, but could play with 14U.

At the end of April/beginning of May, the rosters will be frozen for the state tournament.

If 14U players leave the team at this point, they will have to forfeit their club fees since the money has already been spent on this season’s tournaments. The board supports the idea that parents and players should choose only one team to play on in order to physically protect the player and keep them from getting burnt out.

In 2016, Mike O’Connor’s 14U team knew in advance that they would transition from club ball to the high school team. The parents paid the first payment ($100) which covered the Cosgrove practice fees, Clipper Tournament and all expenses up to the point that the 14U team was pulled up to HS. If a team or players are pulled up to the HS team in the future, this same process would be ideal.

6. Finances:

2015: Finances are complete.

2016: Bill still needs to report Profit Loss and Debit/Credit

Bank account is doing well, but many expenses still need to be paid out:

* Fields

* Carts

* Uniforms

* Umpires

* Insurance

* Mounds

* Concessions

7. Clipper Baseball Club Scholarship:

CCABC scholarship has been heavily weighted in favor of current baseball players or those who have played baseball in high school as well as players that have played with CCABC in the past.

Currently there is only 1 senior baseball player, but that student needs to apply for the scholarship. Other seniors can also apply. Not sure of the due date, but probably before the Clipper tournament.

8. Action Items:

* Darci to contact Coralville Hy-Vee regarding concession stand food pricing

* Bill to set up golf cart (with bed) rental

* Reggie to organize field maintenance schedule and expectations

* Need to email parents/coaches with field maintenance expectations

* Darci to get registration binders to Sara for Tiffin registration table

* Golda to meet up with Lindsay and Bill to create concession stand purchase quantities


Meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm by Trent DeKoter. The next meeting will be announced at a later time.