November 29, 2016


Tuesday, November 29, 2016



Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at Clear Creek Amana High School in Tiffin, IA at 6:30pm.

Club Members Present: Trent DeKoter (President), Adam Henderson (Vice-President), Bill Nash (Treasurer), Darci Roehler (Operations Officer), Golda Monohon (Secretary), Reggie Meade (Alternate)

Director of Umpires Present: Brett Breard

Coaches Present: Luke Mason (8U), Steve Corbin (10U White), Bill Isham (10U White), Jay Robertson (10U Blue), Aaron Scholl (11U), Brian Baxter (12U White), Kaleb Heffner (12U Blue)

1. Correction from the October 22, 2016 Meeting Minutes:

$2,000 is allotted per team for tournaments, NOT including state tournament fees.

2. Practice In Batting Cage (Middle School):

Coaches need to set up a CCA Community Building Use account on the school website to reserve a gym, the batting cage or meeting space. Coaches will then need to email Kurt Ronnfeldt to set up cage time and receive key card for the door. It is approximately a 2 week approval process. Coaches need to make sure they receive email confirmation for approval of practice time. The key card will work 15 minutes before the scheduled practice time and 15 minutes after. If there are issues with the card while trying to get into the batting cage, try to call the janitor for help. If there is no school due to holidays, inclement weather, spring break, etc. the batting cage cannot be used.

3. Coach Tasks:

Coaches need to set up practice times, if not done so already.

Coaches need to set up the first team/parent meeting for the upcoming season.

Coaches need to enter the team roster on the USSSA website. They can change/drop players on the website until May 1st.

Coaches need to obtain copies of the players’ birth certificates. If a family is concerned about identity theft, the copy of the birth certificate doesn’t have to be turned into the coach, but a parent/guardian must keep a copy available at all games in case the opposing team challenges the age of the players on the Clipper team.

Coaches need to watch the USSSA website for available tournaments to sign their team up. Watch this website especially around January. The website now lists by age group.

4. Uniforms

Uniform samples from Ironside Apparel were available for viewing at the meeting. Will probably split uniform fittings between 2 days. 8U-11U on one day; 12U-14U on the other day. Planning to set up the uniform fittings in January, in the CCA High School lunchroom. Will probably set up stations: hat/jersey/pants. Uniform samples will be available for viewing at the fitting for parents. 4 week turnaround time for uniforms from the time the entire club order is placed.

Optional: Alternate jerseys will be available ONLY through Ironside Apparel. Teams do not need to purchase an alternate jersey, but if they choose to do so the jersey cannot be purchased through any other vendor. The alternate jersey needs to be the design already approved through Ironside in order to keep uniformity throughout the CCA Baseball Club.

5. Clipper Tournament

Added a AAA 10U bracket to the tournament. There are ~66 teams total. CCABC will no longer pay/donate money to the High School baseball team to maintain the fields during the tournament. Last year the volunteers did not stay around for the entire tournament. Need volunteers to help with fields early Saturday and Sunday morning. There are 12 fields in North Liberty to maintain (8 at Penn Meadows, Babe Ruth field, Penn Elementary field, Koser field and Quail Ridge field. The CCABC will be outsourcing help for the concession stand during the tournament. This should eliminate scheduling conflicts between games and concession stand duty for the parents. Since there is no need for concession stand parent volunteers, the club expects help from the parents to maintain the fields. May use Sign-Up Genius to set up field volunteers (Chalk Fields/Set Mounds – have volunteers enter the team they represent in the comment section on the website). May have Clipper parents clean the fields before the games throughout the day. There is chalk available at Koser and Quail Ridge fields. If Clipper teams have plenty of parent volunteers to maintain fields at the Clipper tournament, that team’s state tournament will be paid by the CCA Baseball Club. If a team does not have volunteers show up, the state tournament for that team will not be paid for by the CCABC.

6. Equipment

Nets, catcher’s gear and balls were handed out appropriately to each team’s coach.

Parents can purchase any helmet for their player. It is optional to have the helmet painted in Clipper Blue by Premier Automotive for $20/helmet. The paint design currently will not change even though the club is purchasing a new uniform design. The helmet painting order forms will be distributed in several months from the CCABC.

New “C” logo decals will be available for purchase from Rage Grafix. The old clipper logo can be peeled off the helmet. The new player number can be placed over the old number on the helmet.

7. Team Funds

In January/February, each team will receive:

$ 2000 – tournament fees

$ 500 – league fees/umpires

$ 500 – practice facilities

$ 3000 total

The Clipper tournament is free to all Clipper teams. If there are plenty of parent volunteers from the team present at the Clipper tournament, 1 state tournament (~$600) will also be provided/covered by the CCABC.

8. Housekeeping

Another coaches meeting will be scheduled in February to discuss outdoor field times in Tiffin. CCABC usually gets first priority for scheduling.

9. Umpires – Clipper Tournament

Brett Breard, Director of Umpires, was invited to the meeting to discuss logistics for the Clipper tournament. Last year the umpires were paid $45/game if 2 umpires officiated the game and $50/game if 1 umpire officiated the game. This was compared to pricing from Derek Parker, Director of Umpires for Little Hawks and Diamond Dreams. The umpires have been offered a $50 bonus if they commit by January 1st. The umpires are paid $45/game if they commit by February 1st. The umpires are paid $40/game if they commit after February 1st.

Fields to cover:

9 fields @ Penn Meadows

1 field @ Koser

1 field @ Penn Elementary

1 field @ Quail Ridge

12 fields total in North Liberty

4 fields total in Tiffin (9U, 13U & 14U)

16 fields

Would like umpires to commit by February 1st. Pay umpires $45/game + lunch and water. Possibly provide a raffle ticket to each umpire to “pay” for lunch at the concession stand.

9U->14U – 2 umpires

8U – 1 umpire

14 fields with 2 umpires

2 fields with 1 umpire

30 total umpires needed for Clipper Tournament

If short umpires, the 2nd umpire for 9U could be used as back-up for the older age groups (except for 9U championship game). Would need to place the Clipper 10U Blue team (Jay’s team) at Quail Ridge field. This would provide Clipper representation at the satellite location, Clippers would be able to chalk and clean the field, and Clipper team would be available to make sure the umpires are okay.

CCABC will need to run lunch to umpires at Quail Ridge. Trent would also like to place an orange snow fence at Quail Ridge to define the fence line.

Brett will touch base with CCABC if he cannot line up enough umpires or if the payment needs to be changed. Bret also asked that his contact information (email and cell phone) be provided to all CCABC coaches in case they need an umpire for a weekly game. 3 of his 4 kids officiate with him.

10. Clipper Tournament Planning

Darci contacted catering at the Coralville Hy-Vee location, but the catering manager needed to talk with the kitchen manager regarding cooking for the concession stand. Darci to contact the Hy-Vee on 1st Avenue by City High instead.

Optimist Club has been contacted to run the concession stand. Trent, Adam and Golda attended the Optimist’s Club November meeting to present the fundraising invitation and provide answers to their questions. Optimist Club is interested in doing this as a fundraiser to their organization. Optimist Club was also approved to sell flags for their group at the concession stand. Optimist Club to discuss the opportunity with their members at their annual Christmas Party. A decision will be made at their next monthly meeting on December 12th.

Matt Lode to contact the Neuzils regarding borrowing their trailer for the tournament.

A T-shift vendor, Dunn Designs, will be on site as well. 20% of their sales during the tournament will be donated back to CCABC.

Kona Ice will be back at the Penn Meadows location. Tiffin will not allow competitors of their Freeze Pops on site.

Christine Loren stated that Bill Nash has a binder with the concession stand merchandise order information from last year. Bill will need to locate the binder.

Trent will not be using Tourney Machine to organize the brackets for the tournament. Unfortunately Jake is not doing well medically and will not be able to do this for Trent. Kyle Sherman (from Diamond Dreams) has found someone to organize the Clipper brackets. The person organizing will email a link to all the coaches to provide updates during the tournament.

11. Important Dates

February 4th – Club Fundraiser at Bobbers

Uniform Fittings – Monday, January 23rd (8U, 10U Blue & White, 11U) and Wednesday, January 25th (12U Blue & White, 13U, 14U). If players cannot attend on specified date, they may attend on the other date. If a player cannot attend either date, will need to complete fitting at Ironside Apparel store location in Cedar Rapids.

March 1st – Next CCABC Registration Due Date – $150. Players will not receive their uniform until this 2nd payment is received. Board discussed players that still had outstanding balances from 1st payment and assigned board members to contact those families.

12. Action Items

* Trent to finalize uniform fitting dates with Niki Frese from Ironside Apparel

* Darci to contact Hy-Vee on 1st Avenue regarding cooking for Clipper Tournament

* Various board members assigned to contact families with outstanding balances

* Matt Lode to contact Neuzil’s regarding borrowing their trailer

* Bill to locate concession stand merchandise order information


Meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm by Trent DeKoter. The next meeting will be announced at a later time.