October 12, 2017


Thursday, October 12, 2017


Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on Thursday, October 12, 2017 at Grace United Methodist Church in Tiffin, IA at 6:04pm.

Club Members Present: Adam Henderson (President), Bob Morlan (Vice-President), Darci Roehler (Director of Operations), Reggie Meade (Treasurer), Golda Monohon (Secretary)

  1. 2018 CCA Baseball Scholarship:

While creating the budget for the 2018 season, Reggie has been concerned with how the CCABC scholarship for a CCA high school senior will be funded.  Adam spoke with Trent DeKoter and Mike O’Neil.  Instead of funding a scholarship for $500 as done in the past, another option could be to offer a scholarship for $250.  Adam and Reggie stated the funding for the scholarship could come from the 50/50 raffle.  The minimum scholarship amount could be $250.  Any money raised above and beyond that amount would still be used toward the scholarship, therefore increasing the value.

  1. 2018 Sponsorships:

Adam contacted Trent DeKoter for the sponsorship information from the 2017 season.  Adam will forward this information on to everyone else on the board.

  1. Donation for Will Mason

Bill Nash mentioned to Adam that 6th grader, Will Mason, was recently diagnosed with leukemia and that the CCABC should consider donating to him and his family to help with bills.  Adam, Golda and Darci discussed that since Will and his family do not have any direct relationship to the CCA Baseball Club and the budget is tight for the 2018 season, a donation will not be made.  Instead Will’s GoFundMe link can be advertised on the CCABC Facebook page.

  1. Fan Apparel and Uniforms:

Adam discussed whether CCABC should stay with Ironside to supply CCABC’s fan apparel or set up the store with another vendor.  Reggie stated the CCABC should continue to support Ironside, especially since the uniform order will be smaller this year since every player will not need to purchase an entirely new uniform.  Kelly Weber orders through Ironside for North Bend Elementary.

Adam will contact Niki Frese to set up uniform fittings.

  1. Equipment:

Adam gave $200 for equipment to the 8U White team, but never gave 8U Blue funding for their equipment.  Adam has set up $200 Play-It-Again-Sports credit to Trevor Bollers and the 8U Blue team.  Reggie will tell Trevor Bollers that he has this credit to spend towards the team.

CCABC gets a 10% kickback from Play-It-Again-Sports when players spend money at the store and mention they are with the Clear Creek Amana Baseball Club.

Adam will check with Matt Lode to obtain the 14U equipment from last year.

  1. Website:

Trevor Boller’s website for the CCABC is currently working.  The website just needs to be “prettied up”.  Darci stated that she can try to update the website.  If the website stops working again, then the board can pursue other website developers.  Benefits to using a different website include registration sign-up for the Clipper Classic and evaluations and a user-friendly way to accept payments such as paying club dues.  Darci asked if we could use PayPal in coordination with our current website.  Tournament fees currently can be taken care of through the USSSA website.

  1. 1st Payment:

There are still quite a few players that have not paid their first payment to the club.  The only way the club will be able to collect money right away to avoid this problem is by requiring players to pay before they can be placed on a team.  Currently there are 29 players that have not paid dues:

8U Blue – 6 players

8U White – 2 players

10U – 4 players

11U Blue – 3 players

11U White – 3 players

12U – 6 players

13U Blue – 5 players

13U White – still trying to solidify a team

14U – Bob is still trying to get a team together

  1. Team Registration:

8U Blue (Trevor Bollers), 10U, and 13U White still need to register with USSSA.  Reggie will submit for team insurance once 10U and 8U Blue are registered with USSSA.

  1. Coaches’ Meeting:

It was determined that there is no need to host a coaches’ meeting.  Items that would have been covered during that meeting include: how/when to sign-up for indoor practices at the school gyms and the white building and the dispersal of team funds.  These items can be taken care of without the need of a meeting.

  • Most of the current coaches know how to schedule indoor practices for the gyms and white building (hitting) except 8U White.
    • Reggie will help 8U White on how to do this
    • Indoor practice facility options include: Tiffin Elementary, Clear Creek Amana Elementary, Diamond Dreams, and Cosgrove
  • Each team has been allotted 12 practices in the white building. Ultimately the white building bill will be sent to Reggie for each of the teams.
  • $3,075 will be dispersed to each team, which covers tournaments, league fees, umpires and gym practices)
    • Reggie can disperse this money without the need for a meeting
    • Most teams are setting up bank accounts to manage their team money
  • Adam ordered 23 dozen baseballs that will be dispersed to coaches later
  • Coaches cannot set up gym practices until team insurance is complete.

Darci will send an email out to the coaches providing them with the above information.

  1. 14U:

Bob is still trying to get a 14U team together.  Bob will still serve on the board even if a 14U team cannot be created.

  1. CCABC Fundraisers:

The first fundraiser will be held at Pizza Ranch, possibly around November.  Scheduling options that will not work well include:

Saturdays – University of Iowa basketball games

February 15th-17th – Iowa state wrestling

Thursdays seem to be the best option.  Darci will contact Pizza Ranch to set this up.

The second fundraiser will be Saturday January 27th at Throttledown.  Wade will contact Teresa Freeman to set this up.

  1. Clipper Classic:

Reggie would like to focus a lot of time on planning the Clipper Classic tournament at the next meeting.  The structure of the tournament will need to be changed from a 4-game guarantee to a 3-day guarantee.  In addition, the advertising flyer and website will need updated to remove the 4-day guarantee.

Wade would like to have A and AA brackets at the tournament, not A/AA.  CCABC may need to host AAA teams since 11U Blue will be AAA for the 2018 season.  AAA teams could play up an age group instead if a AAA bracket cannot be organized.

  1. Action Items:
  • Darci
    • Send informational email to coaches
    • Contact Pizza Ranch to host fundraiser
  • Adam
    • Forward sponsorship email from Trent DeKoter to the rest of the board
    • Contact Niki Frese regarding uniform fittings and scheduling
    • Contact Matt Lode regarding the return of 14U equipment
  • Reggie
    • Assist 8U White coach with registering with USSSA
    • Disperse team funds to all teams
    • Alert Trevor Bollers of the credit at Play-It-Again-Sports
  • Wade
    • Contact Teresa Freeman at Throttledown to host fundraiser


Meeting was adjourned at 6:48pm by Adam Henderson.  The next meeting will be Thursday, November 9th.  Location is to be determined.

Minutes submitted by: Golda Monohon, Secretary