October 22, 2016


Saturday, October 22, 2016


Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at Tiffin City Park in Tiffin, IA at 2pm.

Club Members Present: Trent DeKoter(President), Bill Nash (Treasurer), Darci Roehler (Operations Officer), Golda Monohon (Secretary), Reggie Meade (Alternate)

Uniform Committee Members Present: Bridgette Cochran and Amy Howell

Coaches Present: Luke Mason (8U), Steve Corbin (10U White), Bill Isham (10U White), Brian Baxter (12U White)

  1. Uniforms:

Bridgette Cochran and Amy Howell from the CCABC Uniform Committee presented proposed uniform designs for 2017 from Ironside Apparel.

The pants are a charcoal gray, long and cover the socks.  The cost is $18.

The hats are mostly gray, white in front with a blue C.  The bill can be curved or stay as a flat bill.  The cost is $24 with numbers embroidered or $19 without the numbers.

The jerseys feature 2 buttons and alternating horizontal stripes of varying widths of white, blue, charcoal gray and black.  The color variation in stripes provide options for alternate jerseys.  The numbers and lettering are sublimated.  The material is a dry fit, but not silky.  Cost is $50 for youth sizes and $55 for adult sizes.

An alternate “fun” jersey was presented as well.  It is also sublimated, but thicker and more like a T-shirt.  The cost is at least $50.  It was decided to not choose this alternate jersey.

The fittings can be set up in the lunchroom at the high school.  CCABC can set up 2 nights in a row for fittings.  Uniform committee will help with the fittings.  Turnaround time to get the uniforms delivered will be 4-6 weeks.  Uniform committee suggested fittings and ordering the uniforms during the 1st week of December in case any teams wanted to participate in tournaments early in the 2017 year, but the club board members decided to wait until January instead.  Board members thought it would be better to place this expense after the Christmas holiday.  Bill Nash suggested that players do not get their uniforms until all past due club fees are paid.

Bridgette and Amy departed the meeting after presenting the uniform designs to the group.

  1. Practice Locations and Times:

CCABC insurance has been completed, therefore:

Coaches can now make a reservation for the Batting Cage behind the middle school.  Coaches just need to set up an account on the CCA school district website.  Coaches can then click on the Community tab.  On this tab, choose Building Use.  There are instructions on this website on how to reserve a time/building.  The batting cage is usually a 1.5 hour session.  The athletic director will provide the coaches with a key card to enter the batting cage.  This key card will only work during the session that was approved and 15 minutes prior to that time period.  Tees, balls and pitching machine will be available in the batting cage.  There are no mounds available in the batting cage.  Coaches need to make sure the area is cleaned up from bottles, mess, etc. after the practices.  Parents can leave, but encourage siblings to go with parents in effort to keep the cage clean.  The cage is usually open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (except after 5pm on Sundays).  Practices start after New Year’s.  Other groups get first choice for time slots over CCABC.

4 practice times have been set up with Tiffin Elementary (Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays).  These times are available to the coaches to schedule for their team.

Meeting with Cosgrove on the 1st Monday of December (12/5).  CCABC doesn’t want to lose the grass roots with Cosgrove.

$350/team to reserve Cosgrove.  There are 2 mounds in the gym and a good location to use for pitching practice.  If teams want to reserve Diamond Dreams, board discussed issuing $350 to the team and up to the team to pay the remaining balance to Diamond Dreams.  $65/hour to reserve Diamond Dreams.  Steve (10U White) would like to reserve 12 sessions at Diamond Dreams.  Jay (10U Blue) would like to reserve HTRC.  The club initially stated that it would provide $350/team for practice location, but Steve pointed out that the meeting minutes from September cited $500/team.  If club paid for Diamond Dreams or HTRC facilities, would have to use money normally budgeted for tournaments.

Fields are available on first come, first serve basis until April 1st.  Club pays for outdoor diamonds.  Generally 1 field per team scheduled for 1.5 hours.  Clippers get first choice.

There are also fields available in Amana.  Possibly check on the batting cage by the high school as well.

  1. Equipment

CCABC has 10 sets of catcher’s gear.  Will need to buy 1-3 new sets.

May need to purchase more baseballs.  Will need to distribute to coaches.  12 balls each.  Tournament balls have already been ordered.  2 dozen tournament balls per team.

Will meet again and distribute equipment in December.

  1. Information for Coaches

$2,000 is allotted per team for tournaments.  This usually covers 6 tournaments, including the Clipper Tournament and state tournament, if desired.  The coaches decide which tournaments to sign up for and also set up the games for the season.  The number of games during the season is usually less for the younger groups (8U) and more for the older groups (13U/14U).  There are leagues available for coaches to sign up for that schedule games for the coaches.  PST league is an option and usually includes ~10 games.  When signing up with the PST league, teams receive a discount for one of the tournaments.  West Branch has a league that is free (11U, 12U and 13U).  If need to cancel a practice/game, need to email so that the team is not charged for the field.

Coaches and board members discussed tournaments available early in the 2017 season such as the Monticello (indoor) tournament.

Coaches should focus on completing the following:

  • Coaches should have a parent meeting for their team. The coaches can reserve the library in the High School.  If desired, coaches can request Trent to be available at the parent meeting for additional information.

At the meeting, coaches should discuss:

  • Expectations from the players, parents and coaches
  • The number of games/tournaments expected for the season
  • The level of commitment needed by everyone
  • How far the team will travel
  • Propose fundraising for the team. This money can be used for additional tournaments, alternate jerseys, etc.
  • Obtain birth certificates for all players
  • Decide the # of tournaments. Make photo copies of the tournament registrations and submit total to the board.  The board will provide up to $2000 for tournaments.
  • Obtain player #s
  • Roster info must be submitted to the USSSA website by April.

Rankings for the teams are already out.  The teams will be re-ranked in May.  Coaches can petition to be moved down in ranking, but must play 8 tournament games before submitting the petition.  Coaches should also look up the state tournament location for age groups on the USSSA website in order to prepare for hotel reservations in advance.

Magnet boards are recommended for organization in the dugout to set line up.  Coaches can track line up and stats using an iPad/Game Changer.  Magnet boards are available at Scheels.

CCABC get a 15% discount at Play-It-Again Sports.

Bats need to be supplied by parents and need to have the 1.15 USSSA stamp.  If a bat does not have this stamp and is identified in a tournament, the team will be forced to forfeit.

Helmets need to be supplied by parents.  Helmet painting is optional.  Cost is usually $20 through Premier Automotive.  Decals are then ordered to place on the helmets and usually cost ~$5.  The board will provide order forms.

Bags need to be supplied by parents and make good Christmas gifts.  Perfect Game customizes sturdy bat bags and cost ~$63.  The board will provide order forms/link.

The total cost will be ~$100-150 for the uniform (includes pants, shirt, belt and hat).  Socks will no longer need to be coordinated since they will be covered by the pants.

2nd payment to the CCABC is due in February ($150).

Coaches departed the meeting after discussing information necessary for coaching/managing the teams.

  1. Uniforms

Trent proposed that 1 jersey be made standard across all CCA Clipper teams.  Darci expressed concern on unifying the teams regarding alternate jerseys.  For some teams it is nice to have an alternate jersey which helps with washing uniforms between games. Trent was concerned of the added expense.  It was decided to allow teams to decide on. their own if they would like to purchase an alternate jersey; however, the alternate design will already be determined therefore keeping uniformity across the club.

  1. Fan Gear

Only 14 total orders were submitted for fan gear through Rage Grafix’s online store.  Matt was a bit disappointed with this number.  CCABC didn’t post the link on the Facebook page, but an email went out to all parents in the club and the link was shared by several parents on Facebook.  Many parents are not in baseball mode; football just ended and many are getting ready for wrestling and basketball.  It also maybe too soon for purchasing Christmas presents.  CCABC may open another store in January/February for a spring order.

  1. Clipper Tournament

Concession Stand:

Trent has not heard back yet from Coach Henry.  CCABC offered $500 to CCA High School Baseball Team to run the concession stand during the Clipper Tournament.  CCABC would like an outside club to run the concession stand so parents can watch their players instead of volunteer.  Coach Henry wants the CCABC to provide parents to be in charge of his players in the concession stand, which is not what the club would like.  If we do not hear back from Coach Henry in a certain amount of time, the offer will then be presented to another group such as the band or Optimist Club.  Reggie suggested that we offer a percentage instead of a flat rate (for example, 10% of net profits instead of $500).  Last year CCABC made $8000, so CCABC would pay $800 instead if using 10%.


Would like to pursue a new vendor for trophies for a change in design.  Have used Harry for the past ~5 years.  Would also like to no longer issue MVP awards.  For ~60 teams, would present trophies for 1st and 2nd place in the gold bracket.  Small trophy for 1st place in silver bracket and a medal for 2nd place in the silver bracket.  Bill will contact a vendor he is familiar with in Cedar Rapids.

Harry’s past prices:

Tall Trophy: $5-6

Medium Trophy: $3-4

Medal: $2-3


Even though CCABC does not have a 9U team represented at the Clipper Tournament, would still like to make this available to other teams.  Would also like to provide AAA at the tournament which would bring in 8 additional teams.  10U Blue is a AAA team.

Need to talk to Steve regarding running the brackets.  Would like to use Tourney Machine (online software) to organize the Clipper Tournament.  The link would be sent to all coaches.  Possibly hire Steve/Jake to enter the information onto the site.

  1. Housekeeping

Trent has updated the CCABC website including sponsor information.  He removed old information and added the new tournament entry form.

Sponsor letter is updated and we can start handing them out to local businesses.  Trent forwarded the donation form link for UICCU to the board.  West Bank does not provide donations to athletic clubs but still a possibility?

Discussed the need to create a Fundraiser/Sponsor Committee that would be comprised of 5-6 people.  Darci will send an email to invite parents to form this committee.  Would also like to provide donuts/lunch/breakfast to repeat sponsors.  Examples would be Jimmy John’s, Hurts Donuts, etc.

Discussed that CCABC did state it would provide $500 per team for practice facilities during previous meeting.  As much as CCABC would like to support Cosgrove and stick to its grass roots, it was decided to issue the $500/team and no longer use Cosgrove due to lack of interest by the teams.  Will need to move the mounds from the gym.

Bill will contact Premier Automotive to paint helmets again.  With the new uniform design, we may need to pull off the current clipper ship decal and replace with a “C”.  Will need to contact Rage Grafix regarding supplying the “C” decal for the helmets.  Not sure if it will be difficult to remove the old Clipper decal.  May be submitting 30-40 helmets for painting.

14U will stay with the club this year and not play up to High School.  13U will probably play up next year once they become 14U.

Discussed what would need to happen if CCABC removed “tryouts” for next year.  Would need to update the bylaws and add an addendum.  Would need to contact tax lady before the state tournaments (mid-June).  Would then be able to advertise for the 8U team in the blue note for the CCA schools.  How would the number of players for teams be managed?

  • Stick to the payment due dates
  • Create new team when more than 11-12 players
  • Stress the level of commitment necessary
  1. Action Items
  • Set up Coaches Meeting after Thanksgiving
  • Bill to contact Premier Automotive regarding helmets
  • Bill to contact trophy vendor
  • Trent to contact Steve regarding Tourney Machine and running brackets
  • Darci to send email inviting parents to form Fundraising Committee
  • Cosgrove meeting on 12/5
  • Remove mounds from Cosgrove gym


Meeting was adjourned at 4:10pm by Trent DeKoter. The next meeting will be announced.

Minutes submitted by: Golda Monohon, Secretary