September 21, 2017


Thursday, September 21, 2017 


 Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at Grace United Methodist Church in Tiffin, IA at 6:30pm.

Club Members Present: Adam Henderson (President), Bob Morlan (Vice-President) – arrived at 6:55pm, Darci Roehler (Director of Operations), Reggie Meade (Treasurer), Golda Monohon (Secretary), Wade Good (Alternate)

Others Present: Sara Morlan, 2018 8U White parents including Nick Pfeiffer (Head Coach) and Jason Timmerman (Assistant Coach)

  1. 2018 8U White Team Welcome:

Adam opened the meeting by welcoming the 8U White team parents and asking them if they had any questions since many of them are new to travel baseball.

Questions Asked by Parents:

  • Will 8U Blue and 8U White ever play each other at the same tournament?

Adam stated that both teams would participate in the Clipper Classic Tournament in May.  Whether the two teams play each other will depend on how the tournament is organized and which teams win in bracket play.  Reggie stated that rankings (A, AA, AAA) are assigned at the higher age levels after 8U, but it is very possible they may end up at the same tournament if Trevor Bollers (8U Blue Head Coach) and Nick Pfeiffer (8U White Head Coach) sign up for the same one.  Adam stated that he can get the list of tournaments Trevor chooses and relay them to Nick and Jason to compare.

  • Can Nick Pfeiffer go to the board for help with choosing tournaments and weekday games?

Nick can certainly go to the board, Adam or Trevor Bollers for help.  The board recommended signing up with the PST League (Cedar Rapids) or the Iowa City League for weekday games.  These leagues make it easier on the coach for organizing weekday game schedules, umpires, locations, teams, etc.  Jason asked if they could get the PST and Iowa City league information from the board.

The board recommended Bulltown (Kalona) for 8U White to participate in.  The board also recommended Williamsburg as well since they sometimes offer 1-day tournaments.

  • How many tournaments and weekday games should 8U White play in during the year?

The board stated that it is up to the coach/parents/team as to how many to play.  Darci recommended 3-4 tournaments.

  • Based upon funding, how many tournaments can they sign up for?

Reggie stated that they could sign up for 3-4 tournaments that cost ~$450-550 each.  One-day tournaments are available and can cost less.  There are also tournament discounts such as early registration discounts, discounts by participating in multiple tournaments hosted by the same organization, etc.

Registering the team on the USSSA website is taken care of by coaches.  Typically, the coaches pay for the USSSA $55 fee themselves and are reimbursed by the club treasurer (Reggie).  A reminder email will go out to all the coaches to get this completed soon.  The teams need to be registered so that the CCABC can pay for the team insurance.  The insurance is needed to practice at the CCA buildings.

  • Are big barrel bats allowed?

Yes, as long as all bats have the USSSA stamp.

  • When and where will their team practice?

Teams typically practice indoors from January to March in facilities such as the Tiffin Elementary School gym or the Cosgrove gym.  Cosgrove usually costs the board ~$350 to use and the CCA school district now has a new facility rental/usage policy that the CCABC will have to budget for.  Once the budget is approved, the number of practices will be announced to the coaches.  In November, Reggie will meet with Jonas Zimmerman regarding field scheduling in the spring.  Once the weather becomes nicer in late March/early April, teams move their practice from indoors to the Tiffin baseball fields.  If a team would like to practice more often or practice in a more expensive facility such as the HTRC or Diamond Dreams, they can either cover the cost themselves or host a fundraiser for just their team.  Teams typically fundraise to pay for more expensive practice facilities, more tournaments, alternate jerseys, team equipment, etc.  The club also organizes 1-2 fundraisers for all teams to participate in before the season begins.

  • What kind of equipment does the board supply to the team?

The board provides a bucket of balls, game baseballs and a bag of catcher’s gear.  The parents are responsible for supplying their player’s bat, glove, bat bag, batting gloves and helmet.  For catchers, the parents must also supply the catcher’s glove, if desired.

Buying used equipment is an excellent way to save money.  Play-It-Again-Sports in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City both offer a 15% discount if you mention the CCA Baseball Club when purchasing equipment.

  • What do parents need to purchase for uniforms?

The CCABC uniforms are supplied exclusively by Ironside Apparel in Cedar Rapids.  Ironside came to the CCAHS last year for uniform fittings with the players.  Parents need to purchase a blue jersey, pants and hat to complete their player’s uniform.  Parents have the option to purchase the alternate jersey, more pants, etc. if they choose.

  • What type of pitching mounds and base measurements should they prepare for?

Pitching mound types vary for 8U.  At some tournaments/games there isn’t a pitching mound.  All tournaments must use the USSSA base measurements.  Tournament rules can vary, but 8U players cannot lead off and cannot steal home.  The 5-run rule also depends on the tournament.  If a team would like to practice with a pitching mound, some can be found a Diamond Dreams, Perfect Game and Cosgrove (under the stage).

  • How does the team pay for tournaments?

The coach/team will receive the money from the board.  The coach can either place the money in their personal account and pay for tournaments and games from that account.  The team also can choose to open a team account and designate certain parents/coaches with access to the account.

  • Are there any baseball clinics that the team can participate in?

CCABC and the CCAHS baseball coach are trying to organize a baseball camp for the end of April with the high school baseball players.  Such a camp/clinic has not been organized in the past, but would benefit both groups.

Other options include camps through Diamond Dreams (Coralville), Perfect Game (Cedar Rapids), and Line Drive (Swisher).

  • How many games are played during a tournament?

The tournament rules/information will state this ahead of time.  Many times it will state a 3 or 4 game guarantee.  If the team wins their games, they will play more to advance towards the championship game.

  • What happens if it rains during a tournament?

Games tend to be delayed instead of cancelled since most groups use tournaments as fundraisers and want to avoid refunding money.  The tournament director will contact coaches which in turn notify their teams.  If the hosting group has a website or Facebook page, updates and rainout information tend to be posted there as well.  Darci recommended that parents “like” these Facebook pages so that that they receive updates sooner.

  • Where is the “white building” located and does it have electricity?

The white building is located just south of the CCA middle school on the hill between the school and the football field.  The batting cage entrance is in the lower level and can only be accessed from the door around the back.  There is electricity and it has pitching machines.  There is not a bathroom though.

  • How many coaches are recommended to run the team?

The board recommended at least 3 coaches.  The team will need a 3rd base coach, a 1st base coach and someone in the dugout.  Someone will be needed to keep the book during games, set up equipment/tees/etc.  The book should be purchased by the team and can be found at most sporting goods stores such as Scheel’s, Dicks Sporting Goods, etc.

  • Could 8U Blue and 8U White scrimmage?

8U Blue and 8U White teams will have separate practices throughout the year, however, they can scrimmage each other for additional practice.  The 8U White team should be aware though that the 8U Blue team has already played together for a year and Trevor Bollers is a competitive coach.  That said, Trevor is very supportive of all players and is the type of coach that would instruct all boys on the field and give them high fives no matter what team they play on.

8U White parents left the meeting at 7:10pm.

  1. CCABC 2018 Budget:

Reggie shared a proposed budget with approximate expenses and incomes of the club for the 2018 season:

Adam will need to get sponsor information from Trent DeKoter.

Reggie budgeted ~$2000 per team for tournaments again, similar to the 2017 season.

Reggie estimated that white building (batting cage) usage fee with the CCA school district would be approximately $960.  For practicing from January-March, each team would need to use the facility for 12 weeks.  8 teams*12 weeks*$10/hour = $960.  Reggie is negotiating with the school district to pay a flat fee, but this probably will not be successful.  Currently it is difficult for Reggie to budget for the Tiffin field use.  The club/teams are charged only when the field is actually used.  If a game or practice is cancelled, the team is not charged.  In addition, it costs more money to use the fields for games than it does for practices.  Games require the field to be raked, which is why the field rental is more expensive.  Reggie budgeted for $2200 since that was the amount paid for field usage for the 2017 season.

Reggie stated that the budget is tight for the 2018 season.  It was discussed whether to keep the CCABC scholarship for 2018 CCA High School seniors.  Golda and Bob supported the continuation of the scholarship.  After reviewing the budget, a $500 scholarship was not approved yet.  Reggie suggested that the board try to find a way to fundraise for this expense.

Many times during the 2017 season, the Tiffin concession stand was not open for weekday games.  Usually there needs to be at least 2 games scheduled for the concession stand to be open, but last year it was noticed multiple times the stand was still closed even with 2+ games scheduled.  Adam stated he would ask if a food truck could arrive at the Tiffin fields during times when the concession stand would be closed.  Reggie stated that he would also like to speak to Jonas Zimmerman to reserve Wednesdays for games.

In past years, the CCABC hosted a fundraiser at Bobbers the first Saturday evening of February.  Jessica Lang organized this event those years along with a 50/50 raffle and a DJ.  Bobbers gives the CCABC $250 for hosting the event.  Jessica stated that the raffle raised ~$400-450, but the DJ was paid ~$100-150 from that money as well as the winner of the raffle.  The turnout was not very good at Bobbers last year due to other events scheduled in the area such as “Beat the Bitter” and wrestling.  The board decided to change the date as well as the venue in order to increase fundraising revenue for the 2018 season.  2 different fundraising events and 2 different locations were proposed:

  • Pizza Ranch – Use SignUp Genius to assign specific times to specific age groups/teams. This would be a parent and player fundraiser
  • Throttle Down – fundraiser for parents/adults only

A need for a new website update was also discussed for the budget.  CCABC is already paying USSSA to organize the Clipper Classic games.  CCABC may be able to put off updating the website for another year.  Golda mentioned that the website could actually be causing a loss in interest in the CCABC, therefore, it may actually be an investment to update the website now.  More information regarding website cost needs to be collected.  The money needed to update the website may also need to come from fundraising.

  1. 14U

Currently there is no longer a 14U team for the 2018 season since there are not enough players.  The 13U White team only has 8 players currently on its roster.  William Lewis is the only player from 14U young enough that he could play on the 13U White team to help fill out their roster.  Adam will contact William Lewis’ parents to discuss this with them as an option.

  1. 11U Blue Team Bank Account:

The 11U Blue team has approached the board for approval of a team bank account.  Reggie and Golda approved.  The team will determine who will have access to the account.

  1. Action Items:
  • Darci
    • Send email coaches to remind them that they need to register their teams with USSSA and report the information back to CCABC for insurance
  • Golda
    • Send email reminder to entire CCABC regarding 1st payment due date
    • Send email to 8U-10U teams asking for volunteers to become a board member. Parents that respond with an interest will be considered.  The board will then vote on the new member
    • Send email to 13U White team
  • Adam
    • Contact William Lewis’ parents
    • Relay tournament information from 8U Blue (Trevor) to 8U White (Nick)
    • Get PST and Iowa City league information to 8U White (Nick)
    • Get sponsor information from Trent DeKoter
    • Ask Jonas Zimmerman about food trucks at Tiffin fields
  • Reggie
    • Finalize the 2018 budget
    • Ask Jonas Zimmerman about reserving Wednesdays for games


Meeting was adjourned at 8:06pm by Adam Henderson.  The next meeting will be Thursday, October 12th at Grace United Methodist Church in Tiffin, IA.

Minutes submitted by: Golda Monohon, Secretary